Members of the management team for Anticimex International AB and members of the board for Anticimex TopHolding AB.

Executive Group Management

Jarl Dahlfors, CEO & President

Jarl Dahlfors 

Ebba Stålvant de Lisa, Chief Financial Officer

Ebba Stålvant de Lisa  

Mikael Vinje, Chief Operating Officer

Mikael Vinje

Guido Töpfer, VP Region Central Europe

Guido Töpfer

Thomas Hilde, VP Region North and South Europe

 Thomas Hilde

 Andrew Usher, VP Region Pacific and Asia Pacific

Andrew Usher

Mikael Roos, VP Region Sweden

Mikael Roos

Mats Samuelsson, Managing Director Insurances Sweden

Mats Samuelsson

Daniel Spahr, Chief Information Officer

Daniel Spahr

Ebba Bonde, Head of Program office and Business development

Erica Edsholt, Executive Assistant to CEO

Erica Edsholt


Board of Directors

Gunnar Asp, Chairman

Gunnar Asp

Walter Gehl, CEO LSG Sky Chefs, Board member

Walter Gehl

Anna Settman, CEO The Springfield Project, Board member

Anna Settman

Johan Bygge, EQT, Board member

Johan Bygge

Per Franzén, EQT, Board member

Per Franzen

Hans-Erik Andersson, Board member

Hans-Erik Andersson

Edward Brown, Cophall Associates Ltd, Board member

Edward Brown


Published: 17-06-2016 09:05

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