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Gribskov’s quest to become Denmark’s first rat-free municipality

Gribskov, the Danish municipality north of Copenhagen, has set a strong ambition for the future. To increase the region’s attraction, they aim to become a leading green and smart municipality of the future. That’s also why they’re on a quest to become Denmark’s first
rat-free municipality.

“As our region keeps growing, so does the risk of pest-related problems. By taking proactive action we aim to decrease unnecessary rodent-related costs and make sure we are an attractive and competitive region, where more people want to live and work”.  – Bo Jul, Deputy Mayor Gribskov Municipality

Together with Anticimex, Gribskov has initiated Project Rat free. The ambition of the project is ambitious; to become Denmark’s first rat free municipality, with the goal of decreasing the rodent population with 75% by 2020.

Anticimex and Gribskov has initiated the first roll-out of Anticimex SMART, where the municipality’s 270 km2 area has been divided into sections, systematically managed, analyzed and optimized by Anticimex experts based on data from the 1000 new digital traps.

“Our sewage system is the corridor. The rats, they live and thrive in the pipe leading into the house. Anticimex Smart was the only solution available fighting the real core of the problem where the rats live – under ground.” – Mette Therkildsen, CEO Gribvand

Results have been instant. After only 5-6 months both the strategic areas, Skovhøjen and Snebærhaven, have seen a strong drop in the rodent population, causing a decrease in catches by 99% and 96% respectively. The project has also been a political success, where the cities inhabitants are responding positively towards the cities proactive approach to ensure a more attractive living environment.

“It’s a political goal to become a rat-free municipality. We are on our way there, and we are looking forward to it, because now it’s something people are talking about.“
Kim Valentin, Former Mayor of Gribskov

Once Anticimex SMART has been installed in full, it will continue to lower pest-related costs and improve the regions attractiveness for both businesses and people.


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