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A smart solution for a smart city

Jerez de la Frontera is the fifth largest city in the region of Andalusia in Spain, and has become the transportation and communication hub of the province. Having previously managed pest control internally, the city council wanted to switch to a reliable and effective pest control service in order to focus more on a long-term preventive solution to protect
its citizens.


Certain vicinities within the city centre such as markets and shopping areas had been identified as suffering from problems with pests. Outside the centre, rodent activity in underground conduits was causing a threat to important systems such as sewers, pipelines, street and traffic lights.


As Jerez has a formulated strategy of becoming a “smart city”, being pioneers in pest control that utilises modern technology was a given. In addition, the city also has a strategy regarding sustainable solutions and, as part of that, a strong wish to reduce the use of pesticides.


In the light of this, Anticimex was appointed to provide a reliable, effective and environmentally-friendly service to control pests such as crawling insects, rodents and pigeons in the whole city. Thanks to Anticimex SMART, rodents are controlled without the use of rodenticides. Anticimex SMART also monitors rodent activity through a range of strategically positioned sensors, giving the city council real-time information and making it possible to take immediate action.


“With this new technology, we can reduce the use of rodenticides and be more respectful to the environment,” says Mamen Sánchez Díaz, Mayor of Jerez.


Mamen Sánchez Díaz, Mayor, City of Jerez


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