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About Anticimex

About Anticimex

Responsibility for public health and quality of life is the basis of our motto. It has been our well-tried concept since 1934. We operate in the areas of pest control, food safety, building environments, fire protections and insurance. Anticimex’s aim is to create a safe and healthy indoor environment through inspections, guarantees and insurance agreements.

Anticimex is an international service company for both businesses and consumers. We are approximately 4,000 employees serving 2.2 million customers. In 2014, combined sales amounted to approximately 3.4 billion SEK.

When Anticimex was founded in Sweden, 80 years ago, we were the only company on the market offering clients a no-pest guarantee at a fixed rate, rather than charging for one-off treatments. This is a business concept that we still apply today and has resulted in an emphasis on preventive measures.

Healthy environments

As of today, our business has become wider in scope and focuses on creating wholesome, healthy environments. This means that Anticimex safeguards all types of industries and helps companies improve their fire protection and working environments. We also protect restaurants against bacteria, prevent damage from damp in housing of all kinds and helps property owners save energy.

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