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Eco-friendly enzymatic solutions

Odour Services

We offer an eco-friendly enzymatic solutions (made from fruits and plant extracts) and eco-encapsulating agents to break down and eliminates obnoxious odours efficiently and effortlessly, providing odourless fresh air quality indoor for healthier environment.

Our services are carried out by our highly trained technicians which includes indoor odour assessment, consultation and problem-solving. Our solutions are customized to odour problems in residential and commercial premises, industrial buildings and plats.

Benefits from using our service:

  • Prevention or resolving public or patrons’ nuisance complaints of bad odour to restore goodwill
  • Preserve the good image and pleasant environment for company and hotel premises
  • Quickly convert room closed due to odour problem
  • Our solution are safe, non-toxic and do not harm human, animals or damage furniture or fixtures

Case study: PhytoGreen - Odour Control

A newly established hotel have been facing with musky smell inside their guestroom and it is not even a smoking room. We are asked to carry out a survey and to do a demo to get rid of the smell. Within minutes upon application of our Phytogreen product, the smell disappear and a follow up visit carried out the very next day found no further musky smell within the treated room.

Further demo was carried out at their compactor area, toilets, floortraps and offices and similar results have been achieved. We are presently contracted to carry out maintenance on the Auto Mist Diffuser System installed at their compactor area on a monthly frequency.

The product of Phytogreen are formulated more to odour control rather than towards pests. It act as a treatment and preventive measures for odour control. The breaking down of odour using phytogreen proprietary technology are very different from the masking agent which are commonly used in our industry. The real problem with masking agent is that once they evaporate, the original smell return and at some instance if the product is oil based, it will create pest issue.

Phytogreen contain an inhibitor which is naturally derived from fruits fermentation. Once coating is done onto food source, it will be coated and indirectly prevent the emitting of odour from fermented food.

On floortrap treatment, not only will Phytogreen eliminate the foul smell, it prevent slime buildup inside the floortrap and thus prevent infestation of filter fly.

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