The modern pest control company

About Anticimex

Anticimex is one of the world's largest pest control companies, and our vision is to be the global leader in preventive pest control.  We are an organization of continual growth, and our embrace of technological innovation and our deep commitment to customer service are redefining what clients can expect from their service provider.

Comprehensive Solutions

Anticimex Inc. is a full-service pest control company servicing New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. An Anticimex specialist will provide you with a thorough inspection, then offer a comprehensive solution to effectively address your pest management needs. We offer our clients 24 hour emergency service.

Commercial to corporate to residential

Our specialists have handled jobs in all settings and of all sizes, from residential to commercial to corporate and from minor- to major-scale.  Each of our specialists is highly-trained, state-certified and OSHA-certified, and always works to maximize safety and minimize impact on the environment.

We know that our connections to our clients are the key to our continuing success.  We take the time to deepen and strengthen our existing customer relationships, and we hope we will be your next choice to meet your pest control needs.