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Our Services

Anticimex Inc. is a full-service pest control company specializing in all types of general pest control, including bird deterrent and abatement, mosquito control and bed bug control. Our pest control specialists service New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Pest Control

Create and maintain a pest-free environment in your office or home with Anticimex’s customized Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) protocol. Read more about pest control.

Digital pest control

Anticimex is pleased to offer our clients the future of pest control. Anticimex SMART employs digital methods to control pest populations efficiently and humanely. Read more about digital pest control, and watch our video explaining Anticimex SMART.


Eliminate commercial and residential bedbug infestations with our specialized service. Read more about bedbugs.

Bird Control

Anticimex bird proofing is a service integrating efficient and customized methods with humane solutions. Read more about bird control.

Wildlife Control

Catch and remove common home invaders and outdoor nuisances with our wildlife services. Read more about wildlife control.