Protect buildings and spaces from birds

Bird Control

Birds are lovely in the wild, but they can be more harmful than beautiful when they nest on your property.

Birds residing in the wrong places can cause extensive damage. Statues, balconies, signs, vehicles and facades can be corroded and discolored by their droppings, giving your home an unsightly appearance and your business a poor reputation. Their nests and nesting sites often contain fleas, lice, mealworms and other insect pests, which can easily enter homes and buildings. In addition, many birds are carriers of a variety of bacteria and parasites and may spread infectious diseases, including salmonella and bird flu.

Our bird proofing service and process

Anticimex bird proofing integrates efficient, customized and humane methods to prevent birds from settling on buildings or entering them through openings in facades. Our service helps prevent property damage and potential health problems. Our solutions are designed to blend in with your building’s architecture in the least noticeable way.

  • Assessment – we conduct an inspection to identify the type and extent of the problem. We assess where the birds are settling and the damage that they might cause.
  • Tailored solution – we present the bird proofing solutions that will best suit your situation, and explain how they will protect your building and its surroundings.
  • Installation – our experienced technical specialists, who are OSHA-certified to work at different heights, will set up and install the agreed bird proofing solutions.

Service agreement – we offer a yearly inspection which includes maintaining the installed bird proofing solutions and reassessing the state of your bird proofing needs

Published: 06/21/2016