New digital methods

Digital Pest Control - Anticimex SMART

Anticimex is leading the way in developing new digital methods for rodent prevention. These methods are the future of pest control, offering an effective solution in a humane and environmentally friendly way.

Anticimex SMART uses high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity.  We harness our technical know-how and our decades of experience to craft an effective prevention program that is tailored to every customer’s specific business needs.

An intelligent solution that saves time, money and the environment

The digital traps, cameras and sensors give us real-time indications of alarms, allowing us to act quickly to defuse a problem before it escalates.  With our effective protection and 24/7 monitoring, you will always have peace of mind, and with the reduced need for physical checks by your own staff, you will also save time and money.