Safe and effective Pest Control

Pest Control

We constantly strive to help our customers achieve a pest-free environment in their offices or homes using safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials.

As long as there’s food, water and warmth available, pests will continue to thrive.  Understanding their living conditions and behavior is crucial to effectively managing them.  This is why we use a comprehensive approach to pest control when analyzing the threats and risks to which businesses and homes are exposed.  We apply the globally-recognized principles of Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) to maximize our effectiveness while simultaneously minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our methods are science-driven, and are informed by our decades of experience with all types of pest species.  We focus intensely on investigating the underlying reasons for an infestation, rather than simply treating the problem.  Our goal is always to provide a superior long-term result.

Our pest control services

Our services can be customized to meet the demands of our clients’ particular business, and include:

  • Pest inspections, reports and recommendations
  • Sanitation and treatments
  • Monitoring systems
  • Electronic traps in sewer pipes and drains
  • Bird control
  • Documentation that can be adapted to international standards
  • Fumigation
Published: 06/21/2016