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Anticimex is a company specialized in Pest Control (Disinsection, Deratization and Disinfection) that prioritizes ecological treatments, avoiding the use of biocides and maintaining a fully guaranteed efficacy in all treatments for pest control.

Pest Control with the best experts

Our team is formed by biologists and veterinarians experts with a strong knowledge of the behavior and biology of the various types of pests and their control, allowing to provide an ecological, professional and effective solution for the prevention, control and elimination of pests.

We carry out preventive treatments and specific monitoring and control programs for each type of pest, adapting to the needs of each client.

Don't let pest take over your home!



Deratization or Rodent Control is the process that involves eliminating rats and mice that implies a deep knowledge of their habitat, behavior and biology for effective pest control.



Our disinsection treatments are designed specifically for each type of insect-caused pest. Therefore, we can offer maximum efficiency and a total guarantee.


Wood treatments

Wood insect pests are very dangerous, since the damage caused by Termites and Woodworm is often very difficult to detect. Therefore, it is highly recommended to contact a company specialized in Wood Treatments.

Our service

Next, we have synthesized the phases of our Pest Control service:

  • Call us at 900 828 001 -Identify the type of pest and its level of infestation with the details that the client identifies us. If necessary, a previous inspection of the affected area could be carried out.
  • Get a free estimate - In the same call we inform you of the diagnosis based on your data and the final cost of the service.
  • We set a date - Once the budget is accepted, we proceed to set the day to carry out the treatment adapting to the needs of the client and in a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Provision of the Service - We carry out the disinfection, deratization or disinfection with proven efficacy through procedures that minimize the use of biocides. In addition, we will give you tips to prevent the appearance of a new pest
  • Post-Treatment Service - We deliver a certificate as the Pest Control service has been provided, with no-pest guarantee.

Pest Control in Spain

We offer our pest control services anywhere in Spain.

Unlike other companies in pest control, we are specialized in offering solutions to companies with presence in multiple points of geography through a single interlocutor.

Our locations


"Pest related problems? We can give you a quick and professional solution"

Omayra Orejuela, Pest Control Technician

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