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Termite Control

Bait Treatment eliminates the entire termite colony

Our Termite Bait Treatment is the most advanced on the market. It consists of a system that combines the most advanced surveillance and detection techniques and a bait system that effectively eliminates the entire colony.

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Anticimex Termite Bait Treatment

Our bait system takes advantage of the social behavior of trophalaxy (mechanism by which social insects feed each other or transfer pheromones) of termites, so that the active matter contained in the bait is distributed throughout the colony. In this way, not only will it affect the termites that eat within the control stations, but also those in the termite mounds that are fed by the termites that have been eating bait.

The treatment that eliminates the entire termite colony

Our bait treatment allows for the total elimination of the termite colony. On the one hand, we avoid the problem that arises with chemical barriers, when these are broken, or when the insecticide does not diffuse correctly over the entire treated surface. On the other hand, we avoid the fragmentation of the colony so that sub-colonies can be created from the original colony and attack the property again.

So much so that the Ministry of Health indicates on its website that chemical barriers separated from the walls are no longer permitted, the bait system being the only treatment that achieves the complete elimination of termite mounds. 

Effective treatment with the best technology on the market

Our advanced monitoring and detection systems allow us to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment implemented with the help of sophisticated termite detection tools such as acoustic and electromagnetic detectors or genetic analysis of the species. At the same time, it has the function of preventing new infestations and allows for the early detection of termites that can be easily remedied.

Treatment that includes Termite Insurance

Once the elimination of the termite infestation has been certified, insurance will be activated to repair damage caused by subterranean termites. From the moment of elimination, if you find damage caused by termites, along with living individuals, Anticimex will assume the repair for a maximum value of 6,000 euros.

Phases of Anticimex Bait Treatment:

  • Inspection: detection and population study of subterranean termite colonies, using acoustic and electromagnetic detectors And if necessary, genetic analysis to identify the termite species.
  • Implementation: design and implementation of the bait system guaranteed and certified in efficiency.
  • Elimination: monitoring and surveillance of the treatment until the certification of the elimination of the pest.
  • Termite Damage Insurance: once the elimination of the termite plague is certified, the insurance for repair of damage caused by subterranean termites is activated until the end of the contract.

How long does it take to eliminate a termite colony?

The length of time depends on two factors: the points of contact with the colony and the size of the colony.

The more control stations are occupied by termites, the greater the number of termites that the bait will be reaching, as they are fed by those that are eating it, thus increasing the mortality of termites in the colony.

The larger a colony is, the greater the number of termites to be eliminated and therefore the treatment will be more time consuming. Early detection of termites will prevent the colony from growing, reducing the duration of treatment. In any case, elimination occurs in an expansive and gradual manner.

Statistics show that, on average, about six to nine months are required for total elimination of the pest; however, in some cases, the period for termite control will be shorter while in others, slightly more time will be required.

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