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The first thing we do is to analyze and plan. Every business is unique, and to find the most optimal solution for your operation, we need to learn a few things about it first.


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We inpect the site

Strategy starts with reasearch. So, the first thing we do is to come to your premises and take a proper look at the current situation. Based on years of industry experience, we assess the situation and identify risk zones.


We study available documentation

Our research includes  inspecting the site in detail above as well as below ground. Hence, it's important that we get access to plans and blueprints, so that we can take a closer look at sewage pipes, ventilation shafts, etc.



We interview key persons

Nobody knows your operation better than you and your staff do. So, even though we can learn a lot from just inspecting your premises and studying available documentation, we need to interview key persons as well.


We define the optimal setup

Every business is unique. So is the optimal pest control solution. It all depends on what our site analysis reveals. But the results is always the same - intelligent pest control around the clock.



We clean out infestations we find

Last but not least, it's worth mentioning that if our site analysis reveals that an infestation is already taking place, we take of it before installing and connecting the Anticimex Smart system. We want this to be a fresh start, right?


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