An intelligent solution to pest control

Digital pest control

In order to combat rodent problems in our businesses and our communities, there is an urgent need for new, efficient methods. The answer is Anticimex SMART – a more intelligent solution for pest control.

Anticimex has developed new digital methods for rodent prevention. These methods are the future of pest control, offering not only an effective solution, but also doing so in a humane and environmentally friendly way.

Advanced digital pest control

Anticimex SMART uses high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity. Combining our experience and knowledge of rodents with an array of advanced equipment we can ensure an effective prevention programme, that is tailored to every customer’s specific business needs.

An intelligent solution that saves time, money and the environment

Thanks to effective protection and monitoring 24/7 you will have peace of mind at all times. As a result of reduced risks and less need for physical checks by your own staff, you will also save time and money. The digital traps, cameras and sensors gives us real time indication of deviations and alarms, which means we can act quickly, preventing a problem from becoming too costly or too overwhelming. On a regular basis we carry out inspections of the whole of the premises, and our documented traceability is a great tool for decision-making when planning future prevention and control.

Anticimex SMART fly control

Flies can be a threat to any business, whether you are handling food, packaging products or producing sensitive equipment. Being the first of it’s kind, Anticimex SMART fly control combines technically advanced light traps with a professional expert service, making it possible to deal with not only acute hazards, but also detect potential threats and prevent future problems. 

The process and advantages

Anticimex SMART consists of four specific stages: assessment, strategy, realisation and intelligence. Read more about the process and advantages.

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