Effective 24/7 protection and monitoring

Anticimex SMART - process and advantages

Anticimex SMART consists of four specific stages: assessment, strategy, realisation and intelligence.


Assessment - We inspect premises and conduct interviews in order to identify and assess current or future risks to your business.

Strategy - We develop a plan combining traps, sensors and services that is tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Realisation - We take care of installation, testing, surveillance, callouts and maintenance of all equipment. We also carry out regular inspections of the whole of the premises.

Intelligence - We collect, process, interpret and analyse data to ensure the ongoing success of our programme. If needed, we make alterations to the programme.


A groundbreaking solution that saves time, money and the environment.

  • Effective 24/7 protection and monitoring.
  • Environmentally friendly and free from pesticides.
  • Cost-effective as a result of reduced risks.
  • Professional callout service on hand to take prompt action, when needed.
  • Peace of mind thanks to continuous digital surveillance and statistics, presented in real time.
  • Time-saving as a result of reduced physical checks.
  • A useful tool for planning and developing future preventative measures.

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