Preventing outbreaks of flies

Anticimex SMART fly control

Flies can be a threat to any business, whether you are handling food, packaging products or producing sensitive equipment. Being the first of it’s kind, Anticimex SMART fly control combines technically advanced light traps with a professional expert service, making it possible to deal with not only acute hazards, but also detect potential threats and prevent future problems.

Flies multiply quickly, thrive in most areas and can contaminate products as well as carry bacteria. Reducing the amount of fl ies using traditional methods is not an easy task as there are many factors that create an attractive environment for them.

Carrying out standard hygiene routines are always important, such as keeping areas clean and having fully working drains. However, environmental factors such as humidity and temperature also play an important part.

A unique light trap solution

The answer is Anticimex SMART fly control, a unique light trap solution that not only offers the protection of traditional light traps, but also provides an early-warningsystem as it immediately reacts to an increase in flies and changes in temperature and humidity.

Anticimex SMART fly control is a part of our Anticimex SMART concept, which consists of a range of intelligent pest control solutions. It is therefore very easy to expand upon your pest control setup at any time, for example, to include protection against rodents.

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