The advantages of our fly control

Enhanced protection with Anticimex SMART fly control

Here are some of the advantages of Anticimex SMART fly control over traditional light trap solutions:

24/7 monitoring and protection

As the traps continuously catch, register and digitally transmit information such as the number of flies caught in real-time, your business is protected every day and all year round.

Equipped with enhanced UV-lights and glue boards

Our traps utilise UV-light to attract flies and a large glue board to effectively catch the flies. Both the light and the glue board are digitally monitored, giving notification of when parts need to be replaced.

Set individual thresholds and alarms

Each trap can be set with different thresholds to fit your business needs. As we can follow trends from the data we receive, we can at a very early stage detect potential problems.

Measure temperature and humidity levels

A change in temperature or humidity can increase the number of flies quickly. Through continuous monitoring, we can take action in time to prevent a possible outbreak.

Professional expert service

Thanks to the digital data, we monitor your fly protection around the clock. We are always on call, and if we detect a possible problem, we can take prompt action when needed.

Statistics and documentation

The data that is recorded can be tailored to comply with for example health and safety documentation and quality assurance systems.

Save time and money

All checks are done digitally, reducing the time for staff to check and change parts. As we can tailor the best solution possible based on real data and the traps’ functionality 24/7, the risk of costly problems occurring is reduced greatly.


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