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Insects, vermin and pests - the same name for many things. These bugs and insects are not very pleasant to share space with. In nature, they are often an important element but sharing accommodation with pests is not very nice and not particularly healthy.

There are thousands of bugs, but it is only when they start bothering us humans as they are considered pests and that they want to fight and get away. They may trouble us in many different ways. We have chosen to present the most common pests that you may encounter indoors, on these pages. You can search among the pests in slightly different ways.

Find the right pest

You know what you have found, you can easily find them in alphabetical order. Do you know however how they look but do not have any idea what it might be, there is a good skadedjursidenfierare where you browse depending on whether the pest has wings and how many bones. You can also search for pests by letting you know how they can create problems.

Own pest control

Once you have found the right pest, there are descriptions and pictures of how the pest looks, common problems they can cause, as well as tips and advice on how you can avoid that particular pest (own pest control) and what to consider in a professional remediation.

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