2015 in brief

Financial information

Anticimex is a leading specialist in preventive pest control and related services, with operations in 17 countries. We have shown growth every year since our inception over 80 years ago. Driven by strong organic growth and over 40 acquisitions, we have over the past three years almost doubled our sales and grown operational EBITA by 144 per cent.

Our know-how within pest control combined with rapid expansion has led to Anticimex today being one of the leading international specialists in pest control. We have a well-diversified customer base of 2.9 million retail and commercial clients and 73 per cent of our income is in recurring revenues coming from subscription-based contracts and insurance solutions.

The market for pest control is non-cyclical and grows faster than GDP, driven by the increasing amount of pest-related incidents. Behind this growth lie trends such as increased travel, urbanisation and climate change. Moreover, sustainability concerns along with new and stricter regulations and hygiene standards increase the demand for non-toxic solutions. These developments provide opportunities for those pest control companies that have the capacity and scale required to develop and offer digital and scalable preventive systems.

Annual report

Read the latest annual report (in pdf).

Strong financials

  • Net sales amounts to SEK 3,843 million. Organic sales growth in local currencies amounts to 5.4 per cent in 2015. 73 per cent of total sales consisted of recurring revenues in the form of contracts and insurances in 2015.
  • Operational EBITA amounts to SEK 533 million.
  • Anticimex has launched the SMART product line, which includes high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity. Anticimex’s strategy to pioneer the shift towards digital pest control was successfully implemented and the products are now used in 11 of Anticimex’s 17 markets, with promising growth opportunities for the coming years.
  • Anticimex’s footprint covers 16 countries with on around 4,000 employees. Our employees make in total 7 million customer contacts a year. Through the new Branch of the Future programme, we have defined common best practices in how to operate our branches efficiently and service our customers in the best and most modern way.
Published: 15-06-2016 02:13

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