2016 in brief

Financial information

Anticimex is a leading specialist in preventive pest control and related services, with operations in 16 countries and around 4,500 employees. We have shown growth every year since our inception 82 years ago. Driven by strong organic growth and over 70 acquisitions, we have over the past three years increased our revenue by more than 60 per cent and grown operational EBITA by 141 per cent with a margin increase of 4.9 percentage points.

Our know-how within pest control combined with rapid expansion has made Anticimex one of the leading global specialists in pest control. The market for pest control is non-cyclical and grows faster than GDP, driven by the increasing amount of pest-related incidents. Behind this growth lies trends such as increased travel, urbanisation and people producing more garbage. Moreover, sustainability concerns along with new and stricter regulations and hygiene standards increase the demand for non-toxic solutions. These developments provide opportunities for those pest control companies that have the capacity and scale required to develop and offer digital and scalable preventive systems.

Annual report

Read the latest annual report (in pdf).

Strong financials

  • Revenue increased by 16 (9) per cent to SEK 4,452 (3,845) million. Organic revenue growth amounted to 4.9 (4.9) per cent. Pest control segment represented 79 (72) per cent of total revenue.
  • Operational EBITA increased 28 per cent to SEK 664 (518) million and the operational EBITA margin improved 1.5 percentage points, from 13.4 to 14.9 per cent.
Published: 06/15/2016

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