anticimex sustainability impact

Sustainability impact areas

Conducting business sustainably

In addition to the above-mentioned environmental impact areas, Anticimex’ sustainability strategy also encompasses approaches to minimize CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet, by continuously performing route optimizations and transitioning towards electrical vehicles.

Furthermore, as Anticimex relies heavily on having competent and engaged personnel in all parts of the organization, the sustainability strategy also includes focus areas to ensure that Anticimex stays a preferred employer, while also providing a safe and healthy workplace, worldwide.

Anticimex’ sustainability work is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and governance of Anticimex’ sustainability efforts is mainly regulated
by the company’s Code of Conduct, which has been established by the Board of Directors. To further strengthen compliance with the Code of Conduct, a direct link to corporate management has been established, the SpeakUp Line, which can be used by everybody in the company to report potential breaches.

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