Vision, strategy, business model

Anticimex aims to achieve leadership in the areas of innovation, quality of service offering and customer service, as opposed to on the basis of market share, market position or revenue relative to other global pest control companies.

The strategy to achieve this leadership position is focused on four main concepts: increasing the quality and efficiency of its service offering, improving the Group’s pricing models, developing the SMART service offerings and continuing growth through acquisitions.

The Anticimex Model has five key components, as set out below, and is focused on a decentralized branch-based structure that emphasizes the performance and initiative of individual branches. From an operational perspective, the Group considers its operations in each country other than the United States as a separate platform. In the United States, the Group operates multiple platforms because the country represents a significant part of the global pest control market and organizing its operations into multiple platforms allows the Group to maintain a local focus and stay close to its customers. Each platform is managed by a “Platform President”. Within each platform, Anticimex has several branches, each managed by a branch manager.

The Anticimex Model is centered around the key principle that the branch have the closest knowledge of the local market, including the customers, competition and other market dynamics. This is reflected in each aspect of the Group’s business, including its offering, services delivery, and its acquisition processes. The Anticimex Model is supported by the Group’s HQ function, which provides support across key areas such as complex acquisition matters, SMART product development, performance monitoring and the sharing of best practices.

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