Anticimex in the world

Strong local focus in 21 countries

The Group’s operations are organized by geographical location and consist of four segments: Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America. The Group operates in +240 branches in 21 countries across these four segments.


The operations in Europe date back to Anticimex’s establishment in Sweden in 1934. Our European offering now accounts for 14 of the 21 countries in which the Group operates, comprising Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. In 2022, the Group entered the UK market by acquiring Pestokill.

Asia Pacific

The Group first entered the Pacific region in 2013 through the acquisition of ISS’s pest control businesses in Australia and New Zealand, and further expanded into Asia in 2016 through the acquisition of SITA Pest Control & Fumigation Service in Singapore. The Group’s Asia Pacific offering currently accounts for 5 of the 21 countries in which the Group operates, comprising Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

North America

Our enagement in the North American region started in July 2016 through the acquisition of Bug Doctor, American Pest and GreenStar Termite & Pest Control and now operates 8 platforms in 22 states across the Eastern and South Western regions of the United States.

Latin America

The Group entered LatAm by acquiring Palmera Junior in Colombia 2021.

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