Sustainable pest control

Sustainable pest control

24/7 real-time monitoring

The most resource efficient and effective pest control

Anticimex’ SMART solutions support 24/7 real-time monitoring which enables early detection and the detective work necessary to identify pest movement. Together with sophisticated risk assessments and thorough securing of premises, this is a fundamental aspect in achieving resource efficient and effective pest control.

Why does early detection matter?

Rodents reproduce fast. They reach sexual maturity within 40 days and can yearly carry 5-7 litters of up to 10 rats. This means that – undetected – a single pair of rats can reproduce to more than 1.000 rats in a year.

Another pest with a high potential of becoming a problem is cockroaches. Most of them are nocturnal and might go unnoticed for a long time and they also hide away their offspring in a hard cased egg sac – ootheca - containing up to 40 small cockroaches, called nymphs.

Early detection is critically important, since it circumvents excessive usage of pesticides, equipment and other resources – and minimizes damage and contamination caused by the various pests.

Benefits of SMART methodology– illustrated

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