Pest control

Services may be performed physically by pest control technicians or remotely through services leveraging new technology, such as Anticimex’s SMART solution, which uses intelligent traps and sensors, data analytics and biology knowledge to prevent and control rodent activity.

The digitally-enabled pest control market is a subset of the pest control market where pest control providers use traps and sensors that are connected to the internet and continuously monitored, and report events and status in order to be able to act fast and potentially at a stage prior to infestation. Anticimex provides digitally-enabled pest control services using monitored traps and sensors that eliminate pests mechanically and/or electrically without the use of biocides. The market definition may also include solutions where, for example, monitoring sensors are placed in traps that use biocides as bait in order to track pest activity and trigger a notification if a pest enters a trap.

Pest control services are offered to commercial customers, including hotels and restaurants, grocery stores, public services, manufacturing and/or industry, and residential customers. The most common pest types are rodents, termites, insects, and wildlife (e.g., birds, snakes, and spiders).

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