Traditional pest control

Traditional pest control services are non-digital services that involve the use of biocides and traps to prevent and eliminate pests as well as monitoring pest activity through baiting. The Group’s technicians physically monitor customer sites by inspecting premises on a regular basis and reporting their findings. The technicians then advise customers on preventive pest control measures or suitable methods of treatment, before proceeding to eliminate pests using pest control equipment or chemicals. During the elimination process, the Group’s technicians check every bait box and refill bait regularly. Technicians then report to the Group on the details of the pest control treatment and chemicals used during the process of eliminating pests. The customer is also provided with an oral or written report regarding the treatment.


The Group provides digitally-enabled pest control services through its SMART portfolio, which leverages new technology to provide an intelligent means by which pest control can be achieved more efficiently and effectively – for example, by the use of intelligent traps and sensors to help control rodent activity. Intelligent traps have digital enhancements that allow them to catch pests and transmit a signal to a base station, and in some cases automatically dispose of the pest and reset

Complementary services

In addition to pest control, the Group offers complementary services in selected markets, aimed at creating a healthier and more sanitary indoor environment and securing property value. These services aim to support sales of the Group’s pest control services and provide opportunities for cross-selling. The majority of the Group’s complementary services are conducted in Australia and Sweden.

Building environment

Building environment services include, for example, fire prevention, sanitation, dehumidification, energy inspections and house inspections in relation to title transfer. Sanitation and dehumidification services are offered to individual or commercial property owners and insurance companies regarding claims on property that has suffered damage from flooding or pests. The Group provides these services through inspections, monitoring and by assisting homeowners and real estate agents who are in the process of selling or buying property.

Building environment services are provided by the Group in the Nordic region only, and predominantly in Sweden. Building environment services are offered by the Group to both commercial and residential customers.


The Group’s hygiene services principally consist of providing route-based maintenance for the washrooms of commercial customers. Services also include washroom-training programs for staff and waste collection.

The Group provides hygiene services primarily in the Asia Pacific region and also in Southern Europe.Hygiene services may be bundled together with pest control services, providing opportunities for cross-selling in larger contracts with commercial clients.


The Group offers four types of insurance products: pest control, dry rot, hidden fault and bundled inspections and niche insurance. Hidden fault insurance includes protection against faults discovered after a change of real estate ownership.

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