Composition, responsibility and work EGM

The Company’s CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for the Company’s ongoing management and the Group’s operations in accordance with the Articles of Association, the CEO instructions and applicable laws and regulations. The Executive Group Management comprise the CEO, CFO, COO, President SMART as well as the Presidents of the Group’s five geographical regions (Nordics, Europe, Asia, Pacific and North America) and Insurance. The CEO and Executive Group Management are charged with the overall responsibility for day-to-day operations. The primary tool that is used by the CEO and Executive Group Management to evaluate the Company’s development and measure execution of the four key strategic initiatives is through the monthly and quarterly business reviews.

Anticimex has also formed an extended Group management (“GM”), which consists of the Executive Group Management, the Platform Presidents and the Heads of the Group’s support functions. The GM is primarily responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance by local platforms with the Group’s policies, including any region-specific policies and guidelines.

The subsidiary Anticimex Försäkringar is run as an independent company in order to fulfil applicable requirements set by the SFSA, EU guidelines and Swedish laws and regulations. Anticimex Försäkringar complies with statutory requirements regarding independent risk control, independent compliance and independent Board members. The Group’s CFO and President Insurance are Anticimex’s representatives in the Board of Directors of Anticimex Försäkringar AB.

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