Dogs that sniff out bedbugs

News 22-03-2016 11:16

Bedbugs have increased dramatically in recent years. Anticimex conducts around 20,000 bedbug sanitations a year in Sweden, which is twenty times more than ten years ago.

With the help of specially trained and certified dogs, Anticimex has identified a new method to deal with the problem. “With a bedbug dog we find 97 per cent of these tricky creatures,” says Håkan Kjellberg, pest expert at Anticimex.

Anticimex collaborates with the only EU-certified company in Scandinavia, Passéra Detection Dogs, which specialises in training dogs to find explosives. Anticimex’s bedbug dogs are trained according to the same EU standards in order to maintain high safety and quality.

“The dog has a superior ability to sense and react to only a hint of an odour, such as the scent of a single bedbug. It reacts immediately, even if there is only a single bedbug in the room,” says Håkan Kjellberg. Bedbug dogs can be used both for prevention and as a final check after bedbug sanitation. This is more efficient and Anticimex can solve the problem more quickly than with targeted interventions.

Rental properties, hotels, student housing and short-term accommodations are examples of environments where bedbug dogs can make a difference. Public buildings such as libraries and cinemas, or trains, buses and airplanes can also be inspected quickly and efficiently using bedbug dogs.

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Published: 22-03-2016 11:16