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At Anticimex, we make things easier for your business by offering solutions that prevent, protect against or resolve urgent problems. We quality assure your operations against events that can cause health or financial problems, such as pests, damp, fire and poor food hygiene.

Pest control services

To most of our customers in the commercial segment, pest control services and the closely related food safety services area are mission-critical and necessary for preventing stock losses and brand damage, and are frequently required by legislation and local regulations. To private homeowners, pest control prevents property losses and secures a healthy home environment. More about Pest control services at Anticimex.

Digital pest control - in order to combat rodent problems in our businesses and our communities, there is an urgent need for new, efficient methods. The answer is Anticimex SMART. Read more about Anticimex SMART.

Building environment services

We offer an array of services and insurance solutions for the purpose of creating a healthier indoor environment, and securing property value. These services include fire prevention, dehumidification, energy inspections, title transfer and insurance against latent defects.

The services are delivered through inspections, monitoring and insurance policies, and by assisting homeowners and real estate agents who are in the process of selling or buying property. We compile our findings, report them to the client and give recommendations for managing issues as required. More about Building environment services at Anticimex.

Hygiene services

Hygiene and washroom services are route-based with a planning system that is similar to the one used in pest control. They are, however, run separately from the pest control business using different vehicles and technicians, and not necessarily delivered at the same sites. The rationale behind offering washroom services is the cross-sale potential in terms of sales bundling for large contracts to commercial clients. More about Hygiene services at Anticimex.