Anticimex in the World Mobile Congress - WMC 2024


Barcelona, Spain, March 6, 2024 – Anticimex, a global leader in pest management solutions, left a lasting impression at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 held in Barcelona. The event, which took place on February 27th, serves as the premier gathering place for the mobile communications industry.

Anticimex had a remarkable presence at the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, MWC 2024, held in Barcelona on February 27th.

Peter Hohnen, Head of Research, Partnerships & IP, joined as a speaker at the Telenor booth. Telenor is Anticimex's partner for IoT (Internet of Things) technology integrated into SMART solutions. During his presentation, he talked about how Anticimex has disrupted pest control services with SMART, an intelligent system that allows constant monitoring and instantly reacting; it prevents costly infestations in an environmentally friendly way.

Mr. Hohnen also addressed how the Anticimex approach deals with the root cause rather than the symptoms by getting the data from the devices, processing it, and analyzing the data points. Then, turning data into actionable insights, he added, "We know where and why the infestation happened and can thus take preventive measures. The system gets more and more trained to be able to predict and recommend better to our customers".

About the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC), also known as MWC Barcelona, is an annual trade show dedicated to the mobile communications industry. It's considered the largest and most influential event in this domain, bringing together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts.

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