Staffan Pehrson appointed new CEO, Jarl Dahlfors Chairman of the Board

Press release

Staffan Pehrson appointed new CEO of Anticimex Group – Jarl Dahlfors transitions to the position as Chairman of the Board

After 7 successful years as the CEO and President for Anticimex Group (“the Group”), Jarl Dahlfors has been promoted to Chairman of the Board. As of March 7th, Staffan Pehrson will assume the position of CEO of Anticimex Group.

Staffan Pehrson has a background that is very solid and highly applicable to Anticimex. After more than 20 years with the global telecom company Ericsson, Staffan spent nearly 6 years as the CEO for Nefab, a leading global industrial packaging company. During Staffan’s time with Nefab, the company developed strongly and grew significantly both in size and earnings.

During Jarl Dahlfors’ 7-year tenure as CEO, the Group has grown its revenue by 3x and earnings by 5x. This achievement was accomplished by a combination of strong organic growth and multiple acquisitions. The Group has expanded geographically from a Nordic strong footprint to a broad international presence including Europe, Asia, Pacific and USA.

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