With the site analysis done and Anticimex SMART installed, you'll start seeing the results. The intelligent system detects and reacts, while our dedicated experts continously service and improve. 

We do physical inspections

Anticimex SMART is a powerful system for pest control. However, a system can never replace years of industry experience. That's why we do physical inspections so that you can get the best of two worlds - automation and professional expertise.

We act fast when needed

Pest populations often grow at a tremendous speed. Therefore, it's crucial to act on early warnings. By constantly monitoring and instantly reporting, Anticimex SMART enables fast responses to any infestation risks. 

We empty and relocate the traps

When the traps are full we make sure to empty them. While doing that, we also service the units, relocate them if necessary and make sure that everything is working according to plan.


We analyze and provide information

The data provided by Anticimex SMART, complemented by physical inspections, allows us to continously analyze your situation. The data can also be exported, in case you need to present your status to an external part.


You relax

Physical inspections take time. Emptying traps takes time. Solving infestations takes both time and money. And worring about any of the above takes a lot of energy. None of it is an issue with Anticimex SMART, because we do it all for you.