Smart ticked all the boxes

Located in Småland in the heart of Sweden, Jitech has established itself as a leading contract manufacturer of steel, stainless and aluminium products with customers including companies within the mining, heavy vehicle, ventilation and energy industries worldwide. Services span the entire value chain, from product development and component manufacturing to welding, nishing and assembly.

Jitech is a long-term customer of Anticimex, which has supplied the company with rodent control since it started its operations 27 years ago. At the beginning of 2016, Jitech was introduced to Anticimex SMART. 

Anticimex SMART ticked all the boxes. We’ve never liked being second best, and I’m personally triggered by new technology,” says Anders Paulsson, Vice President of Jitech.

According to Anders, Jitech continuously strives to find means of improving the operations and identifying the most sustainable solutions for all parts of its operations, such as recycling waste water for cooling purposes, reducing hazardous waste and using green energy. 

One strong reason is environmental consideration. Another argument is that a sustainable approach has become an increasingly important competitive advantage.

A German company, a potential customer, recently visited us to make sure that we lived up to all their environmental requirements. They analyzed every part of the plant and the operations, literally lifting up all lids to see what was underneath. We were very happy then that we didn’t have any pesticides lying around,” Anders concludes.

Anders Paulsson, Vice President, Jitech AB


Anticimex Smart for industry

Delivering on time and as planned is crucial in most industries. Delays and deficient products, on the other hand, lead to customers that start looking for other suppliers. Pests are a threat in this regard. They cause delays by gnawing on and ruining electrical cables. They destroy material and products stored at your premises. They might end up in your delivery, resulting in a heavy blow to your reputation and credibility. Prevent any of this from happening with Anticimex Smart.