When quality is a key factor

Galvin Green is one of many companies that have chosen to switch to more environmentally friendly methods to protect their business against pests. The company manufactures, stocks, and sells exclusive golf clothing. Quality is a key factor in their business.

We have worked with traditional pest control using poisons, but we still experienced problems with mice as well as occasional odours of seemingly dead rodents in some parts of the building,” says Lotta Linnér at Galvin Green in Sweden.

Galvin Green chose to leave traditional pest control behind and invest in the Anticimex SMART solution. To begin with, Anticimex did a site analysis of the premises, the operations and the surrounding outdoor areas. At the back of the property, facing a wooded area and a recycling centre, a multi-catch Smart Box was placed, and indoors a variety of traps and sensors.

Thanks to the traps being self-sufficient and monitored digitally with reports sent to Anticimex, we do not need to do anything at all,” says Lotta.

Statistics show that since the installation six months ago, about thirty rodents have been caught. The employees of Galvin Green also confirm that during this time they have not seen any mice or sensed the unpleasant smell.

It feels great to have a protection against pests that is both environmentally friendly and that just works. Moreover, it feels comforting that we use gentler methods and do not have to have poisonous toxins located around the premises,” concludes Lotta.

Lotta Linnér, Supply Quality Assurance, Galvin Green sportswear

Anticimex SMART for industry

Delivering on time and as planned is crucial in most industries. Delays and deficient products, on the other hand, lead to customers that start looking for other suppliers. Pests are a threat in this regard. They cause delays by gnawing on and ruining electrical cables. They destroy material and products stored at your premises. They might end up in your delivery, resulting in a heavy blow to your reputation and credibility. Prevent any of this from happening with Anticimex SMART.