Non-toxic pest control

Emballator Lagan Plast develops, produces and markets plastic buckets and cans for food and chemical products. The company has two factories in Sweden, one in Vittsjö and one in Ljungby. Pests tend to pay a visit on a more or less frequent basis, just like in any other factory. But being a provider of packaging solutions for the food industry, the company has a very low tolerance for unwanted guests like these, For the very same reasons, toxic pest control is not an ideal solution.

“We’ve been working with Anticimex for many years, and avoiding toxics are completely in line with our sustainable profile,” says CEO Håkan Larsson. “The factory in Vittsjö has already replaced all its traditional traps with Anticimex SMART units, and the factory in Ljungby is getting there.”

In addition to being in line with the company’s sustainable profile, Håkan personally appreciates Anticimex SMART for its positive effect on Mother Nature.

It feels good not to put any more weight on Mother Nature,” says Håkan. “Also, if it’s necessary to eliminate pests from our premises, I rather do so in such a way that the animals don’t have to suffer.

According to Håkan, the Emballator Lagan Plast’s efforts to become non-toxic comes from within the company itself. Their customers are yet to demand it. That being said, Håkan thinks it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

And we always aim to be one step ahead,” concludes Håkan. “It’s important to us.

Håkan Larsson, CEO, Emballator Lagan Plast


Anticimex SMART for packing industry

Delivering on time and as planned is crucial in most industries. Delays and deficient products, on the other hand, lead to that customers start looking for other suppliers. Pests are a threat in this regard. They cause delays by gnawing on and ruining electrical cables. They destroy material and products stored at your premises. They might end up in your delivery, resulting in a heavy blow to your reputation and credibility. Prevent any of this from happening with Anticimex SMART.