Pests and pesticides are equally unwelcome

Eson Pac manufactures cardboard boxes, packing lists and labels in five different cities around the world. Their biggest and most important customers are companies in the food industry and the medical industry. Needless to say, both industries have exceptionally high demands on hygiene and very low tolerance for both pests and pesticides.

“A pest infestation is a potential disaster for us,” says Hille Einarsdottir, Q/E Manager at Eson Pac. “If that happens, we might have to discard all the materials in production, and run costly process controls during manufacturing. In addition to that, we’d risk getting complaints and even returned deliveries from our customers.”

To be on the safe side and not having to worry about any of the above, Eson Pac chose to install Anticimex SMART – a preventive, non-toxic solution for pest control.

If there’s a sustainable solution that allows us to reduce or even remove pesticides, that’s a big win for us,” says Hille. “In addition to that, Anticimex SMART traps are efficient. Switching from traditional forms of pest control was a quite easy choice to make.

Once the system was installed at the premises, Hille discovered that there were additional benefits she didn’t think of at first.

Instead of spending time and resources on refilling traps with poison, or trying to figure out if any pests have eaten the poison, the guys and girls from Anticimex can spend that time and energy on analysing our current solution and suggesting further improvements.

Hille Einarsdottir, Q/E Manager, Eson Pac



Anticimex SMART for packing industry

Delivering on time and as planned is crucial in most industries. Delays and deficient products, on the other hand, lead to that customers start looking for other suppliers. Pests are a threat in this regard. They cause delays by gnawing on and ruining electrical cables. They destroy material and products stored at your premises. They might end up in your delivery, resulting in a heavy blow to your reputation and credibility. Prevent any of this from happening with Anticimex SMART.