Smart quality control

Quality is of highest importance at Ica Kvantum, a local supermarket in Knivsta, Sweden. The store distinguishes itself by its large selection of organic food, and there are plenty of products from local producers to choose from. The large and colourful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is the store’s hub and a great source of pride. It goes without saying that the store owners have zero tolerance for pests.

“We promise our customers high quality,” says Store Manager Daniel Bergström. “Efficient pest control is a central part of that.”

Ica Kvantum Knivsta relies on Anticimex SMART to ensure that their operation is free from pests. A number of digital sensors and traps are strategically placed at identified risk zones at the premises, such as the warehouse doors, the charcuterie and the bakery. The connected units detect and capture the unwanted intruders using efficient yet non-toxic measures.

Considering that we work with food that people eat, it feels great to have protection in place that doesn’t use chemicals,” says Daniel.

The solution has worked as planned. The Anticimex SMART units placed at the doors have functioned as efficient gatekeepers. So far, the detectors placed indoors haven’t registered a single activity – not in store, not in the warehouse.

The system manages itself, and if any activity is registered, the alarm goes off at the Anticimex office, and they’ll instantly deals with the problem,” says Daniel. “Anticimex SMART protects our business as well as our customers,” he concludes.

Daniel Bergström, Store Manager, Ica Kvantum Knivsta


Anticimex SMART for food industry

One of the worst things that can happen to a food store is that its customers lose faith in it. Pest infestations or food poisoning are two things that could potentially make that happen. Pest infestations happen when you have an insufficient or inappropriate pest control solution. Food poisoning is a potential risk when you use a toxic pest control solution. Anticimex SMART, on the other hand, is an intelligent system that efficiently monitors and instantly deals with pests in a non-toxic fashion.